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The 'Blind Method', or New Business Constellations

I elaborated the 'Blind method' for 'delicate' situations.

Imagine that you have a tense situation with several major stakeholders involved.

You meet with a consultant, and then you realise... you rather would NOT share the story, name the stakeholders, or even their positions...

And you don't really need to give details when the 'Blind method' is used

We can also describe this method as a special brand of Business Constellations.
  • You come together with the consultant.
  • You imagine and describe the situation in your head without telling.
  • You make notes, and you may not even show them.
  • The consultant works 'blindly', eliciting 'voices from the field'.
  • You are the only person who understands the meaning and the context of what is being heard 'from the field'.
  • You are getting hints on decisions.
  • You may try out differents ways of dealing with the situation in you business system.

As a consultant-facilitator I do nod need the story, or names, or any details.

You spend the time as if you were a theater performance (the duration is similar), in which the whole action is focused on the situation in question.

A funny thing is: the whole process does look unusual.

And it's worth trying it.

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